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Professionally managed accounting
is the foundation of every business

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We support the start-up entrepreneurs – we offer 20% discount for companies in their first year of business

We also offer the discounts to the sports clubs, the associations and other non-profit organizations

What kind of professional help we offer our clients?

  • Bookkeeping
  • Bookkeeping at the beginning of billing
  • Accounting of all accounting documents
  • Keeping a diary, general ledger, cash book
  • Keeping records of receivables and liabilities
  • Track balances of individual accounts
  • Keeping books on capital goods and small investment property
  • Processing of VAT returns and registration obligations (for VAT payers), including processing of summary and control reports
  • Printing of finished versions of processed books
  • Processing of financial statements - balance sheet, profit and loss account, attachment
  • Inventory inventory (material, goods, products)
  • Inventory of investment property
  • Retrospective restoration of accounting
  • Providing print outs of books and accounting books


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+420 773 493 609 (for English speaking clients)